Are Bathroom Mirrors Considered Fixtures? (Explained!)

In real estate, bathroom fixtures are objects permanently attached to a particular bathroom through screws, bolts, nails, glue, cement, or other means. Items like basins, showers, bathtubs, and bathroom mirrors are generally seen as bathroom fixtures and will stay with the house in most real estate transactions.

The importance of quality bathroom mirrors cannot be overstated. The bathroom mirror is a key design element of any bathroom remodeling and has a great impact on the design of the bathroom.

Naturally, if you are trying to buy a property or move into a new apartment, you might wonder which items will stay and which will go when you eventually buy or move into the property. What goes and what stays when moving into an apartment or moving out is often a sticky point between all the parties involved.

Therefore, before you move out or buy that apartment, you need to understand what a fixture is and the bathroom items that are included in the fixture list.

The bathroom mirrors will be considered a fixture if they are physically attached to a part of the home through screws, bolts, nails, glue, cement, or other means or are supposed to stay in the bathroom even after the property is sold. If the bathroom mirror isn’t permanently attached to the house, it can’t be considered a fixture. 

What are considered fixtures in a home? 

We all love to customize the different parts of our homes with special items to suit our needs, lifestyle, and interior taste. It’s common to see homeowners who just move into a new house install extra fixtures in places where the items were absent to improve the value and visual representation of the home.

Home fixtures are physical objects that are permanently attached or fastened to the house. Usually, fixtures are permanently attached, and removal would result in a degree of damage to the property. In addition, home fixtures are included in property sales because the buyer or the current occupant is entitled to receive the property with the fixtures permanently affixed to the buildings.

Examples of home fixtures in real estate include the following:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Showers
  • Basins
  • Windows
  • security alarms
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Water tanks
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Curtain rods
  • Window coverings
  • Bathtubs Towel racks
  • Exterior and attached lighting fixtures
  • The built-in kitchen and garage cabinets
  • Landscaping (everything planted on the ground)
  • Ceiling lights (for example, pendant lights and canned lights)
  • Appliances (For example, California state real estate laws allow buyers to include if they want to include washer/dryer set and refrigerator(s).

These fixtures add to the allure of a home. Although most people don’t make their property purchase decisions based on the available gorgeous light fittings or bathroom fixtures alone, these fixtures play a role in increasing the value and the visual appeal of the property.

What do you call the bathroom mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are the most iconic pieces of bathroom arrangements. The structure of a bathroom mirror is also designed to aesthetically blend in with other fixtures in the bathroom. According to federal laws, bathroom mirrors are to be made from tempered or toughened glass for safety considerations.

Unlike a regular mirror, a bathroom mirror undergoes a chemical treatment during production so that when it breaks, it breaks in small shards rather than sharply pointed pieces to prevent or limit the risk of injuries. In addition, a bathroom mirror can also be made from laminated glass.

Although the major function of the bathroom mirror is to beauty the room and serve as an image reflector, the bathroom mirror is designed with a lot of protective features in mind to limit injuries when it breaks.

What are fixtures in a bathroom?


A bathtub is a bathroom fixture and focal point that adds a bit of luxury to the bathroom space. If you have a small space, you may not need a bathtub. Bathtubs are a smart investment if you have a big bathroom space and looking for an easy and relaxing way to unwind.


Toilets are a necessity for every home. The most common toilet is the single unit closed-coupled toilet with the cistern sitting atop the bowl. This type of toilet is great space-saving.


Just like toilets, sinks are also a necessity for every home. Some designed bespoke custom-made sinks are unique bathroom fixtures that homeowners often get attached to, so leaving this type of fixture behind may be challenging.


A sink is not complete without a functioning tap. There are different types of tap. For example, the mono mixer tap is a single handle that controls the water temperature from hot to cold, while the center-set tap has one tap for cold water and one tap for hot water.

Can I take my bathroom mirror when I move? 

If the bathroom mirror is not permanently fixed to the bathroom wall, you can take them. But, if it is bolted to the studs of the bathroom walls, it is a fixture. It is important to inform the listing agent if you decide to take any house items. In addition, it’s a great idea to remove the bathroom mirror and other fixtures you desire to remove before taking pictures of the house to eliminate confusion.

Can the seller remove fixtures?

If the seller wants to remove any of the home fixtures, they should do that before putting up the property for sale, or they can post a sign stating the fixtures that are not available in the house. However, the decision to remove some of the home fixtures may reduce the property’s valve or discourage potential buyers from buying the property.  

Are fixtures considered real property?

In real estate, any item attached to or considered part of the property is regarded as a fixture. Some homeowners develop attachments to some of their home fixtures and may desire to take them when selling a property. If this is the case, the homeowner must include all the fixtures absent from the house in the property sale adverts.  


Moving into a new property and discovering that the beautiful bathroom mirror that the listing agent or previous homeowner bragged was specially made for the bathroom has been silently ripped off the bathroom wall leaving an ugly hole from the nails and screws isn’t a good experience.

Hence, if the bathroom mirror is very important to you, ask the right questions from the listing agent and previous owners to know the state of the bathroom mirrors before purchasing the property.