Bedrooms & Doors (7 Helpful Answers)

A lot of people remain confused as to what kind of doors would suit their bedrooms the best when designing their homes. Others wonder if they can add an exterior door to their ground-level bedroom. Continue reading this piece to find answers to all your questions regarding bedrooms and doors.

Bedrooms Doors

Can a Bedroom have an Exterior Door?

Bedrooms can most definitely have both interior and exterior doors. If your property is at ground level, you can include an exterior door that opens outside the house. Though they’re useful, not many property owners make much use of an exterior bedroom door.

The cookie-cutter style of most bedrooms consists of an interior door, four walls, windows, and maybe a closet. It is within this layout that bedrooms vary from one another based on style, size, and color. However, many homeowners wonder whether their bedroom(s) should have exterior doors.

Based on studies in this area of interior design, property owners advise against the idea. For the most part, the exterior door hardly ever comes in handy. Moreover, it becomes an additional item that needs cleaning and maintenance throughout the year.

So, is it a good idea to have exterior doors in your bedrooms? Read on for answers to all your questions about bedrooms and doors.

Can a Bedroom have a Door to the garage?

There are several options for your bedroom’s exterior door to open, but the garage isn’t one. You should not have a door in your bedroom that opens into the garage, even if your garage is one-hour fire-rated. It is completely possible to have an attached garage and bedroom with no direct access between them. And, this is exactly how it should be.

One major reason why experts advise against such an idea is the number of deaths that have occurred due to this dangerous home layout. A bedroom door to the garage means an opening into a location where a fire can possibly occur. This makes an exit quite unsafe in case of emergencies.

Any fumes from a vehicle accidentally left running can seep around the door and into the bedroom. Carbon monoxide fumes are extremely harmful to breathe in and can also cause death. So, building codes strictly recommend against installing an entryway between any room where people may sleep and the garage.

Can a Bedroom have French Doors?

Typically, French doors are hinged double doors that open outwards. But, some of these also open inwards. The singular structure consists of two doors and a glass insert. These doors provide complete access to the width of the opening that they’re installed into. Hence, they can greatly increase the functionality of a space.

Not only this, but they also make for a stunning addition to any home by enhancing the overall aesthetics with their beauty. In fact, their variation in designs and styles is what makes them highly popular these days. Usually, you will find that these doors connect indoors to the outdoors. People use French doors to open them up during the day, letting in some fresh air.

Although you can use French doors at the boundary between the outdoor area and your home, they are especially suitable indoors. These gorgeous doors provide a gorgeous transition between rooms.

So, you can easily adjust a French door into any interior environment, including libraries, living rooms, and, yes, bedrooms. But, this style of door best works for bigger spaces due to the wider frame.

So, French doors make a great option for master bedrooms as compared to smaller, congested ones. Using a French door has many advantages, including:

  • Wider opening: You can easily move large loads and furniture in and out of rooms.
  • More brightness: If you like brighter, airier rooms, then French doors should give you just what you want.
  • Two doors: You can also choose to use one door at a time, as per your needs.

Can a Bedroom have a Sliding Door?

You can definitely use a sliding door if you wish to create a contemporary theme for your home. Sliding doors greatly increase the efficiency of your space by adding more functionality. But can you also add a sliding room to your bedroom?

Well, usually, sliding doors are more suited for master bedrooms. When you use them in a smaller room, the already congested space looks more cramped. In a master bedroom, they don’t disrupt the décor and character.

While you can use a barn door like a normal bedroom door, it also works well in bedrooms when you need to conceal a closet. You can use sliding doors for your walk-in closet to ensure that little space goes to waste. Not only this, but you can also use a barn door as a transition door between your bedroom and bathroom.

Can a Bedroom have a Door to the outside?

The layout of your bedrooms is something you should not take lightly when buying or designing a home. Exterior doors are currently a trending topic for bedrooms and their doors. Although you are less likely to use an exterior door, and most property owners don’t recommend it, exterior doors can have several benefits.

Exterior bedroom doors provide added efficiency and privacy while also giving you a personalized space. Having an exterior door also serves as an egress, and this is extremely important. Technically, a bedroom should have two means of egress.

While many people think a window opening to the outside of the house is enough, it does not really help. It is important for egress opening to be at least 5.7 S.Q. So, having an exterior bedroom in the door can help create an emergency exit that is safe.

A bedroom especially offers refuge and a place you can use to recharge. Using an exterior door in your bedroom can really help you relax. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could have a balcony on the ground level of your house? Well, an exterior bedroom door that opens outwards is just like that, except you can now have a balcony-like luxury in your bedroom.

Can You Use a Bi-Fold Door for a Bedroom Door?

You can use a bi-fold door as an alternative to your normal bedroom door with great ease. In fact, a large bi-fold door can do just the trick if you’re looking to create an impact with your bedroom design.

You can use a bi-fold door for adjoining your bedroom with a wardrobe, balcony, hallway, or living room. Just like sliding barn doors, these also make a great choice for walk-in closets.

Aside from its many benefits, using a bi-fold door as your bedroom door offers a lot of space. Compared to many other door options, the design of bi-fold doors allows them to spread over six meters and even more at times. So they can efficiently create a temporary wall.

While sliding doors stack behind one another, bi-fold doors fold and collapse into a concertina-like appearance. By doing so, they take up very little space, even less than a single door panel.

Can You Replace a Bedroom Door without Replacing the Frame?

The pre-hung door or door slabs refer to the door you are looking to replace. Oftentimes, these are customized built-in doors that fit in the frame perfectly. But, that does not mean that you can’t take it out and replace it with a new one.

It is absolutely possible to replace a bedroom door without replacing its frame. In fact, you can do so with both exterior and interior doors. While the processes are slightly different, they are mostly similar. In any case, replacing a door and leaving behind the old frame is not a difficult task.

For interior ones such as your bedroom door, you can easily remove the pre-hung door without affecting the existing door jambs. Just make sure the frame is in good condition, without wear and tear.

Key Takeaways

Many new homeowners have several questions regarding bedroom doors, especially if they can have two doors. Well, a bedroom can and should have an interior and exterior door. An exterior door especially helps in emergency situations when you might need a clear-cut exit.

However, opening a door in the garage is never a good idea as it can pose serious risks. On the other hand, different door styles like sliding doors, French doors, and bi-fold doors can work as great options for bedroom doors.