Can Smart Siding Get Wet? (Helpful Answer!)

Smart siding, otherwise known as SmartSide siding, is a special type of exterior finish. It is made of wood and coated with water-resistant waxes to better preserve it from the elements.

Going off the product information provided by the manufacturers, smart siding can withstand extreme humidity levels and are just as durable as aluminum and fiber cement alternatives.

If you live in a wet region within the States, you might’ve heard of the impressive abilities of these wall claddings.

In this article, we’ll determine whether there’s any truth to these product claims and, in the process, answer one question on the minds of many prospective buyers.

Can Smart Siding get wet?

Here’s if Smart Siding Can Get Wet:

Smart siding might be made out of wood, but it can withstand high moisture or humidity levels over a long period of time and remain in good shape. This product has a wooden base material that is coated with water-resistant wax. This wax coating is responsible for its high durability and semi-glossy appearance. So, smart siding can get wet without incurring any damage or defects.

What is Smart Siding?

SmartSide siding is a brand of siding or exterior finishes made from engineered wood and wax. The wax is actually the most crucial ingredient in this product because it enhances the quality of the base material and ensures that it is durable and resistant to moisture.

SmartSide siding is a fast-rising brand of wood-based siding materials, their innovative approach to the production of traditional wooden siding is what makes them stand out on the market.

Siding materials manufactured by this brand are designed to repel pests, be lightweight, and be highly water and fire-resistant.

The method of installing SmartSide siding has also proved to be super easy for active DIYers. Also, their products come in different styles and designs.

The strength and durability of this product is one of its strong selling points and a good reason you should consider using it on your home, especially if you live in a region that experiences long wet seasons.

The beauty and radiance of the SmartSide siding are derived from the wood used as the base of its production. It does not lose the intrinsic property of natural wood but complements it with durability and strong water resistance.

SmartSide caters to the need of every wood product lover out there, who would love to use wood for their building/home improvement project but steer clear of it because of its degradable nature.

Another feature that makes this brand of siding stand out is its affordability. So, if you’re looking for a highly durable and affordable siding option, consider getting the SmartSide siding.

How Much Rain Can Smart Siding Take?

Based on the product information provided by SmartSide, the manufacturers of Smart Siding, this product can be exposed to moisture or humidity.

How much exactly? Well, we can’t exactly provide the answer to this in round figures but it is a proven fact that Smart Siding can take a lot of rain or moisture over a long period of time without getting damaged.

SmartSide siding has a high level of resistance to water. It was designed to withstand the elements. Through a wax coating, these products are able to take on incredibly humid conditions. It is the perfect material to use in regions with prominent wet seasons.

SmartSide siding is designed primarily to combat moisture issues with home sidings, and it has been tested in areas prone to high rainfall and flooding.

To back up their product claims of high durability and resistance to moisture, SmartSide offers up to 50 years of warranty on their siding panels.

Is Smart Siding Good for Snow?

Now that we know how SmartSide siding fares during the rainy season, let’s find out if they are any match for snow.

SmartSide siding is a good choice for homeowners residing in cold-weather regions. So, they can withstand snow quite well and they have low tendencies of thawing when the weather is freezing.

The engineering of the material enables it to remain stable despite low-temperature exposure.

SmartSide created the smart siding in a way that room was made for the expansion and contraction the material might experience due to temperature changes.

So you do not need to fear extreme expansion when it’s snowing, and neither do you need to fear the siding breaking away from the weight of the snow.

SmartSide siding is strong enough to hold the weight of snow and it keeps moisture from melting snow from entering other parts of a house.

Can You Install Smart Siding During Rain?

Technically, you can install SmartSide siding when it’s raining, but it is not advisable to do so. Here’s why,

One of the functions of siding is to prevent rain from entering a house’s interior. When you install your smart siding during rain, there is a high chance you will expose the interior of your home to water damage during installation.

This is pretty much a counterproductive venture, although it is quite possible to execute.

It is in your best interest to nail on your SmartSide siding on a clear day, but if you are without a choice, you can install it while it rains.

After all, SmartSide sidings are made of special water-resisting wax, which is suitable for regions with prominent wet seasons.

To enjoy the best of SmartSide siding panels and do a clean job installing them, check the weather forecast for the week before getting started.

Carry out the installation on a day with favorable weather to maximize the durability of the product.

Can You Power Wash Smart Siding?

It’s important that you maintain your smart siding panels on a regular basis so that they can last as long as they can and function optimally.

Ensure you undergo regular inspections, to be more precise check for leaks, cracks, mold, wear and tear, and other concerning defects.

Clean the panels regularly as well, to keep them looking brand new.

The best way to clean this brand of siding is to use a cloth dipped in cleaning solution to gently wipe down the panels, then rinse off the panels with clean water.

Refrain from power washing your SmartSide siding panels, as doing this will significantly damage the panels. Defects on smart siding like permanent discoloration and surface irregularities are often caused by power washing.

The maintenance manual of SmartSide siding is firmly against the use of power wash on the material. Failure to adhere to this directive can render void the 50 years warranty that comes with the material.


Smartside sidings are improvised wood products used to make water-resistant sidings that can work well in areas with prominent rainfall. It is also strong enough to withstand snow without cracking or thawing.

When cleaning the sidings, you can use a clean cloth and water to clean them, but it is not advisable to power wash them, as this can cause damage to the material.