Can You Fit Carpet Without Skirting Boards? (Explained!)

For effective carpet installation, it is important to install the skirting boards. It is also important to make sure that these boards don’t touch the floors when they are installed. A skirting board enhances the look of the overall room by closing the gap between the wall and floor’s border. The skirting ensures that the unsightly marks of floor installation and scuffs are no longer visible.

Is Skirting Necessary for a Carpet?

For carpets to fit, it is important to install a skirting board at the bottom. Skirting is a highly useful tool for any architect since it also prevents damage to the plaster on the walls. It acts as a barrier that prevents wall damage and it conceals untidiness as well.

What Are The Advantages Of Skirting?

There are plenty of advantages of installing skirting at your premises. We have assembled a few notable advantages below:

· Preventing Damage

One of the key advantages of a skirting board is that it helps the homeowner prevent damage between the walls and the furnishing.  It also acts as a compact barrier between walls and furniture which helps prevent any hit damage on the walls. They are also eco-friendly and don’t damage the environment at all.

· Help Cover Blemishes and Wirings

You might notice that there is plenty of untidiness, paint, and wiring that go along the lower edges of your room. The skirting makes sure to cover the unattractive edges so these unsightly characteristics remain hidden. It acts as an inexpensive way to achieve smoother and more attractive decor.

· Easy to Install and Maintain

The skirting boards are easy to install and maintain and are available in a variety of finishes. They also allow the carpenter to color and paint according to the homeowner’s preferences. And if your skirting suffers from any damage, it’s easy to repair or replace.

Are Carpet And Skirting Board Attached?

Yes, for compact and seamless installation, it is important that they are attached to each other. However, there are a few things that you need to take into account. Make sure that the skirting board is attached to the carpet and not underneath it.

With the help of carpets, you can connect these boards with the floor to get an effective solution. Therefore, it is important for the floor and skirting board to not touch each other. The first aspect should be to install the floor, then the skirting boards. Finally, install the carpet against the skirting board.

How to Fit Carpet without Skirting Boards?  

A skirting board’s job is to cover the untidiness that the plaster walls leave after they are prepared. Plastering a wall at the point where it meets the floor can be a challenging task. Therefore, home architects use skirting boards to cover them all up. However, there are a few alternatives that you can use instead of a skirting board.

Here are steps on how to fit the carpet without a skirting board: (YT LINK)

· Remove the Old Carpet

Make sure to remove the old carpet before you proceed with the installation of a new carpet. There are tools such as hammer and pliers to remove the old carpet from the floor. Also, use a strong knife or a compact carpet cutter to easy the process.

Start with the corners and make sure that you remove it horizontally. Then, you can also roll them down and ensure an effective way. These rolls make it easier for transportation and repeat the same process with the underlay.

· Clean the Area with a vacuum

For better and more effective carpet installation, it is important that the floor is clean and ready for carpet installation. Get all the dust, nails, and other things out of the way. Then, proceed to the next step.

· Use Tack Strips

An alternative for skirting boards includes tack strips. It is vital something holds down the carpet and makes sure that it doesn’t slip or fold. You will need to use these tack strips all along the edges of the wall.

They have nails along the bottom that go inside the plaster walls. The nails on their bodies make sure that they hold and build traction against the carpet. If you already have the baseboards installed, make sure to attach the tack strips at a distance of a quarter of an inch from the baseboard.

· Get the Overlay Ready

Carpet overlay is easy with a hammer attacker, which you can buy at any hardware store. Many traditional architects may use staple guns. However, they have become unpopular nowadays. Roll out the overlay and fit it according to the tack strips

Then, you can start to nail down the overlay with the help of a hammer attacker. Go around the entire carpet parameter and staple it as you go. Also, make sure to cut down any holes for vents or furnace in your home.

· Measure the Carpet

There are numerous ways to measure a carpet. One way is to seek professional help to do the job for you. Usually, the company you are purchasing the carpet from will help you with the measurement. You can take their measurement and purchase it from them.

Another way is to go for approximation. It is important especially if you are going to the stores that sell leftover pieces of carpet. Bring home the one that you think works the best and then cut it down and fit inside your room.

You can also use the help of a measuring tape to measure the walls around your room and then cut the carpet effectively.

· Install the Carpet

Roll out the carpet around the room and make sure that the edges of the carpet go underneath the tack strips. If you have come around with any obstructions, you need to cut down the carpet with a knife or a carpet cutter to keep the installation process going.

For compact installation without a skirting board, you need to cut down the carpet that is exceeding the room limit. Pin it down underneath the room tack strips and ensure that there are no folds in between.

And your carpet installation is now done!

What Alternatives can you Use Instead of Skirting Board?

There are plenty of alternatives out there, but they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as skirting boards. They include:

· Shadow Gap

This is a minimalistic touch that homeowners sometimes want to give their homes. As far as structure is concerned, the shadow gap is compact and prevents any damage.

· Wood beadings

They are a traditional means of keeping the plaster compact. Wood beadings are installed to overcome different issues such as gaps between walls and soften any junctions.

Final Thoughts

It is not impossible to install a carpet without skirting boards. We identified a way above that ensured the installation with the help of tack strips. There are also other alternatives that you can use.