Can You Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets (Quick Answers)

They say the kitchen in the face of a home, how you design and furnish it will carry the aura of the entire home. They also say the kitchen carries all sorts of energy, good or bad. It, therefore, means that every detail added into it should be thought of carefully, even cabinet painting.

So, which method of painting should you use to apply color on your kitchen cabinets when they look faded/rugged or do you just want a kitchen facelift? Let’s find out.

Here’s If Can You Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Typically, you can spray paint kitchen cabinets for an extra smooth and professional-looking finish. This method is more convenient than using a paintbrush and roller, but it takes some time and experience to get the hang of it.

What Kind Of Paint Is Used To Spray Kitchen Cabinets?

Paint professionals will advise you to use latex paint that has a gloss or semi-gloss finish on your kitchen cabinets because of its superiority in texture, water, and stain resistance.

Given that a kitchen is a sensitive environment, it has the capacity to dry quickly while generating minimal odor.

If a universal solvent-based interior paint isn’t available, choose a paint based on the substance of the surface you’ll be painting. Wood and plastic are frequently painted separately by manufacturers.

Let’s find out the types of paints, coatings, and finishes good for your kitchen cabinets.

Paints and Finishes

There are two types; primers (sealers) and finish paints.


This is the type of paint that is applied on a surface as a primer which is to seal any defects or prevent bare wood from incessantly absorbing paint. 

It is just a start and is not considered actual paint as oil-based paint has to be applied on top of it. 

As mentioned above, they are applied on cabinets that are wooden or previously painted which in this case will drown any other previous paint before applying a new color.

Primers can be spray painted or applied the manual way and their most powerful attribute is that it ensures that paint stays longer which is important if you are planning on durability.


When it comes to paints, there are two types of paints that have different sheens, (which is the power of the paint on a surface to reflect color instead of absorbing it).

  1. Latex-based paint.
  2. Alkyd-based paint.

Latex paint is also known as (fast dry) is the superior of the two and it is easier to use and maintain while alkyd paints are paints that are mixed with oils just before it is applied on a surface.

Latex paint;

  • Faster to dry
  • Eludes excellent finished surface
  • Emits less odor as compared to alkyd paints
  • Easy to clean dirty surfaces using soap and water 
  • Not flammable thus provides a barrier to your house in case of a fire outbreak.

Alkyd Paint

  • Takes time to dry
  • Has more odor and requires for the room to be vacated for a day or two
  • Needs skills to pull a neat application.


Paints, latex, or alkyd have four variations of sheen you can choose from;


Superior of the four in terms of appearance, durability, and stain resistance. Glossy paints are best for kitchen walls and cabinets as well as bathrooms as it is also resistant to water.


They offer better water and stain resistance, although it doesn’t match up to gloss.


Flat paints can be attributed to primers are they best hide imperfections based on their not reflective elements while the rest make imperfections more pronounced. 

Is It Better To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets Or Use A Brush?

As compared to brush or roller painting methods, spray painting is the easiest, the fastest, and the most accurate especially if your kitchen cabinets are decorated. 

All you have to do is the aim and apply the necessary pressure to achieve the perfect amount of paint and look.

But given that the power of choice is yours, let us discuss the three methods.

Brush Painting and Roller Painting

The two are almost similar given that they are both applied by hand.

While roller painting is strictly used for applying paint on flat surfaces such as the walls, brush painting is more advantaged as the person responsible can skillfully apply paint to the nooks and crooks of the cabinets.

The downside to using the brush painting method is that it is so hard with utmost care not to end up with paint runs (tearing) or paintbrush markings on the surface of the kitchen cabinet.

Again, brush paint needs a skilled individual who is trained in the art of painting to deliver a more attractive job.

Otherwise, it might prove to be a waste of material and time given that several coats are needed to attain a good finish.

Spray Painting 

Spray painting on most occasions when one is not using canned spray paint is a portable rig that consists of a pump, a high-pressure hose, and a gun that has nozzles that help distribute the paint evenly.

The spray is airless meaning that air does not aid to push the paint out of the container. 

Instead, the amount of paint that comes out depends on the amount of pressure you apply on the gun and the number and size of nozzles on the gun.

The benefit of spray painting is that skills in the painting are not required but how fast you can learn to use and control the machine.

Another benefit is that spray painting has no imperfections as no hardware comes in contact with the surface one is working on.

Can You Use Canned Spray Paint For Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, but they are more costly as compared to the use of a spraying machine given that one can of canned spray paint is only enough to cover a mere 20 square feet. How much then would be needed to complete all cabinets? Several, right?

Every paint application option has its advantages and disadvantages.

And because canned spray painting is a part of spray painting, one might consider the option. But unlike spray paint using the rig, canned paints are packaged in fewer quantities bearing higher prices.

If however, one is in a hurry and only wants to cover a small part then canned paint sprays are viable but larger amounts of work will result in a loss.

Where Can I Find Best Spray Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

You can find spray paint for kitchen cabinets from your local store or online shopping platforms.

Here is a list of some of the best spray paint companies to buy your spray paint from:

  1. Nuvo Store – for $69.95, you get a package of two 31 oz. Cans of Nuvo cabinet paint, roller arm, 2 roller covers, one brush, and two stir sticks.
  2. Rust-Oleum Store – you’ll get a cabinet kit for $49.98.
  3. INSL-X Store – for $50.02, you receive a package of a Cabinet Coat Enamel, Satin Sheen Paint, and 1 Gallon.
  4. Krylon Store – get yourself a 12 ounce Krylon coarse stone texture spray paint for $48.99.

Why Should You Spray Paint Instead Of Buying New Cabinets?

Spray painting is a cost-effective decision. it’s more costly to buy new cabinets than to spray paint.

Even if you are not forced to make the most cost-effective selection, it is still an appealing alternative because it allows you to spend your money elsewhere.

The cost of new cabinets plus installation can account for nearly half of your kitchen renovation expenditure.

Final Thought

As much as paint spraying is the most viable method of applying paint on your kitchen cabinets, you should exercise caution when handling the machine. 

Follow the instructions carefully and if the worst happens, seek medical attention. For this reason, it might be safer for the DIY guys to use canned sprays instead or rigs because they are smaller and safer to use.