Delta Shower Faucet: 6 Helpful Answers!

Most people have issues with their bathroom faucets. Some faucets don’t turn off or have enough water pressure to push water into the house. It can be surprising and extremely annoying when you turn off the water, and the water continues to run.

You should always have control over how to on and off your water, but some situations sometimes prevent the bathroom faucet from functioning properly. If you are dealing with some of these issues, it is time to get the required help as you continue to read.

This article will provide helpful answers to all questions related to delta shower faucet issues and how you can fix them.

The Delta shower Faucets are produced in the United States, and the product is focused on quality style and finish. The Delta shower faucet, like every product, is prone to get faulty. The faucet may develop faults that may affect its effective function. This article provides helpful answers to help you sustain the product’s effectiveness.

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Why my delta shower faucet will not turn on/off

The delta shower faucet may not turn on or off from the spout if the faucet’s stem or cartridge is faulty. The mechanism (stem or cartridge) inside the valve serves as an in-line shut-off valve that controls water flow.

Once the mechanism is damaged, it will reduce the effectiveness of the shower faucet. In addition, a delta shower faucet may not turn on or off if the rubber or plastic component compresses the opening or cut off the water supply.

If any of the internal faucet’s components breaks or becomes worn out. In that case, you may need to completely replace the shower faucet or replace the worn-out components to effectively turn the faucet on and off.

Are delta shower faucets interchangeable?

The Delta brand manufactures a universal shower valve that focuses on style and finishing. This means their shower faucets parts are interchangeable. Simply remove the Trim Kit over the tile and switch it out. The interchangeability and flexibility of this brand make the Delta faucet product desirable and make work faster and less expensive.

 In addition, you can install their shower faucet trim kits with one Delta shower valve. This means the same valve can be used for both installations. However, you could run into issues with model numbers. Delta Faucet is universal and interchangeable, but they have several models’ numbers that could cause confusion and make interchangeability difficult.

Can I replace a delta shower faucet with a Moen?

Delta and Moen are the most popular player in the industry when it comes to shower-related products such as valves, showerheads, and cartridges. Both companies produce quality shower, tub shower, and roman tub trims that suit their respective universal valves in multiple assorted finishes. However, Delta and Moen shower faucets are not interchangeable.

The two companies’ faucet sizes and connections are different and would not work with each other. However, both companies’ showerheads are interchangeable because they use the same size connection.

When you buy a Delta shower valve kit, everything is complete and made by Delta and are sold this way because many shower valve made by Delta are sometimes not compatible, let alone replacing it with parts made by another company.

Therefore, you cannot replace the Delta shower faucet with Moen products. To replace a delta shower faucet with a Moen product means you would have to replace the entire system with compatible products, including the shower cartridge.

Unless your shower faucet is bad, old, or malfunctioning, changing the entire shower system is usually not worth it.

Delta products are universal, which means you can upgrade your shower valve to another type of Delta shower product with the universal valve. However, the Delta universal valve will not work with a Moen product because of the two companies’ fittings.

Can’t get a handle off the delta shower faucet?

A broken shower faucet handle makes it extremely difficult to operate. Fortunately, you can change your shower faucet handle by placing a screwdriver head between the cap and the faucet to pop off the cap. If your shower faucet has a lever-style handle, you must first get a 1/8-inch Allen wrench to remove the screw look under the lever.

What size Allen wrench for delta shower faucet handle? 

ModelMetric Allen key Size Set Screw
H72 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP25620
H75p Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H77 Delta faucet handle: Uses2 mmRP26865
H78 Delta faucet handle3 mmRP6119
H712 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H715 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H716 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H740 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP47948
H769 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H777 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H778 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865
H795 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP72564
H797 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP72564
H798 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP72564
RP48717 Delta faucet handle2 mmRP26865

What model delta shower faucet do I have 

The easiest way to find out the Delta model number or part number of your shower faucet is to check the tag attached to the cold-water supply line. The Delta brand prints its model number on the cold-water supply line located below the bath rim, sink, or behind the bidet bowl. The “P/N always precedes the model number of every Delta shower faucet.”


The odds that Delta produces your shower system are higher. However, these products are not immune to damage. The tip above will give you a better understanding of fixing the minor damages and why you shouldn’t combine Delta brands with other products.