Why Does Kitchen Sink Always Under a Window? (Explained!)

There are no universal rules for putting a sink under a window, but there is a strong reason to do so.

With that said, let’s find out why builders organize homes in such a manner.

Why Does Kitchen Sink Always Under a Window

Here’s Why Does Kitchen Sink Always Under a Window

Placing a sink under a window offers a glimpse of the outside world which is soothing and refreshing to an individual. It is the most accessible point where the sink can drain straight into the drainage system. The natural light helps brighten up the room and aid in better cleaning.

Does Kitchen Sink Have To Be Under A Window?

There are no laws stating that a sink must be located beneath a window. It’s usually a combination of personal preferences and efficiency.

But why does a greater percentage of homes adopt this kitchen layout?

Most kitchens are either square or rectangular, meaning it has four walls.

Of these four walls, two walls will have doors, one that leads into the kitchen from the home’s interior while the other is the back door.

And since the kitchen is a place that witnesses a lot of traffic, you will find that a central countertop separates the pathway from the wall fitted with wall cabinets, the cooking area, and the cleaning area.

The area that acts as the pathway will be void of windows and fixtures to avoid accidents.

When all these factors are considered, space becomes limited and the idea of having a sink under a window serves well as none poses as an obstruction to the other.

Why Are Kitchen Sinks Placed Under A Window?

Windows helps filter bad smells from the sink therefore, it serves as a filtration system for the kitchen.

Is that all why you should place a sink under a window? No!

The sink is a wet area that needs airing to stay dry, therefore, the window helps let in the fresh air and natural light aids in helping the cleaning area and the whole room fresh and dry.

Because the sink and the stove cannot be kept too close to each other, the sink will benefit more with an open window while the stove does not need air/wind blowing onto it.  

Naturally, you expect the kitchen to be extremely clean, and tidy, so having the sink placed where the windows guarantee better sight and better cleaning. 

Furthermore, shorter pipes will be used to connect to the outside drain, lowering the cost of materials required to install the sink.

Having a sink positioned under a window eliminates the need to turn on lights when using the sink during the day. All you have to do is open the window and a flood of natural light will pour into your kitchen.

Where Should A Kitchen Sink Be Placed?

Ideally, your kitchen sink should be placed under a window and close to the dishwasher while adjacent to the dining room.

As a rule of thumb for most planners, installing the sink first as the number one fixture allows one to develop a better layout for the kitchen.

So what factors should you consider before installing the sink, you may ask? Here we go;

  1. Place The Sink Where There Is A View/Kitchen Highland

The biggest reason for placing the sink in front of an open view is to elongate the size of the kitchen and cater to the mental health of those who spend the most time in the kitchen.

Even with dishwashers that help ease cleaning in the kitchen, many folks still spend quality time in the sink while in the kitchen.

If your kitchen is large enough and has a highland, placing the sink on top still serves the same purpose while giving your kitchen a unique feel.

  1. Place The Sink Nearest To The Plumbing System

Dirty water from dishwashing, hand washing, and cleaning of food in preparation drain off the sink and down the drainage system.

Since the drainage system is embedded on the walls and foundation of the house, it becomes expensive to change the design and direction of the drainage system.

Therefore, it is cheap and with less hustle to place the sink near the plumbing system.

  1. Place The Sink Near The Exit Door

Trash cans are normally placed below the sink and near the door. The sink is for one to dumb leftover easily while cleaning by hand or using a dishwasher and near the door, for garbage to be easily removed out of the house.

  1. Consider Relevant Appliances

Relevant appliances, in this case, mean the dishwasher as they work hand in hand.

Placing the kitchen sink in a place that will accommodate the dishwasher will enable your kitchen to be practical and livable.

What Can You Put Over A Kitchen Sink With No Windows?

Place a big piece of art to create a better look for your kitchen. Also, installing a board to display your list of things to do could be a good choice.

Creating a visually pleasing and functional kitchen is a huge undertaking. Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

Man is a creative animal; here are some of the creative solutions to improve the walls and the interior of your kitchen.

Place A Tall Dish Rack On The Sink

The initial idea of this particular hack is to make use of the plain space in front of the sink. Still, this solution has the added advantage of providing storage for dishwashing soaps and a place for bottles, knives, and other utensils, especially when you are not in a hurry to wipe them dry.

That’s not all; fruits also get a place to drop off the water after being washed and air off.

Hang Up A Planter

This idea, just like the dish rack, is also a very practical solution, especially if you have a window located elsewhere in the kitchen.

A planter on the kitchen wall not only adds a burst of color and life into the space but can also be a source of fresh-smelling fragrance.

Every kitchen ingredient is a herb in its way. On the planter, you could grow a flower or, better still, some herbal plant which could be useful in the kitchen.

Hang Up A Piece Of Art Or A Photo Collage

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. What better way of breaking the norm than incorporating a piece of artwork in front of the sink to appreciate human creativity.

If not, then you can make a photo collage of your favorite photos so that every time you raise your head, your eyes rest on the memorable photos and your time in the sink will pass quickly.

Hang Up A Mirror With The Illusion Of A Mirror

This is an illusion that is worth every penny. When you play tricks on your eyes, the brain will perceive the same, giving you the feeling of looking out a window.

The mirror will also reflect either light or things on the opposite wall making the room brighter and more interesting.

Hang Up A Clock Or A Calendar

Clocks remind us of time, while Calendars remind us of days of the year and schedules.

Either of the above is practical because everyone has things to do and others to remember. 

Easy, practical, and pocket-friendly ideas.

Final Thought

Having the sink placed by the window is more natural and normal, but if and when it is not possible, then there are several ways one can still cheat the system and achieve the desired layout.

That is because kitchen sinks are mostly a preserve of family homes and not smaller apartments.