Does Vinyl Siding Make Noise? (Helpful Answers!)

Vinyl siding has to be the most common and widely distributed wall finish on the market, although it is often reported to emit popping, rattling, creaking, and snapping noises.

Not all noises from this product are perceptible or indicate something bad. Often times the noises you hear from vinyl siding panels are due to the fact that they respond to temperature changes.

In this case, you don’t need to be concerned. The only time noise emissions from your siding should bother you is if they’re incessant and quite irritating.

This article contains everything you need to know about the various sounds that come from vinyl siding panels and what you can do to reduce or silence them.

Here’s if Vinyl Siding Makes Noise:

As I mentioned previously, vinyl siding panels make noise but it isn’t meant to be highly perceptible. The number one reason why this happens is that vinyl expands and contracts due to differences in temperature during the day and at night time.

Does Siding Need to Make Noises?

Not all types of siding are capable of noise emissions. Vinyl and metal siding are generally the only types of wall coverings that make noise, and they majorly do this for an unavoidable reason.

Different types of noise can come from siding panels. For instance,

Cracking or popping noises are pretty normal and indicate that the siding is expanding and contracting as a result of sun and wind exposure.

Rattling, pinging, or snapping noises are usually a cause for concern because they signify improper installation.

Creaking, scratching, or tapping noises may suggest that something is caught between your siding panels.

You can’t say or know for sure what could be the reason your siding is making a certain noise without troubleshooting or assessing your panels. 

It’s possible to hear a popping or cracking noise, and the cause could be debris or a bug caught between your siding.

So, ensure you do a thorough check or assessment before concluding on a cause or problem.

In the below points, we will be taking a closer look at the least obvious reasons why siding panels make noise.

  1. Poor Installation:

The first not-so-obvious reason why your siding panels might make noise is poor or improper installation.

When you nail a siding panel on too tight, you impede or restrict its movement. Siding panels must be able to easily expand or contract against the substrate it’s nailed to.

If your siding is tightly nailed to your wall sheathing you won’t be able to move it ever so slightly with your hands. So, keep this in mind when performing an onsite inspection.

Also, siding panels make a significant amount of noise when they’re nailed too loosely, home owners often describe this noise as an incessant rattling sound.

  1. Materials Caught Behind the siding:

Exposure to external conditions like wind, rain, or snow, make it quite possible for objects or materials to get stuck behind or between your siding panels.

If the noise from your siding panels is always coming from a particular side of your home, then this is likely to be the problem.

  1. Structural Damage:

It’s very easy to mistake noises from structural damage for noises from the siding.

Things like installation errors, pest invasion, or water exposure can cause the substrate that your siding panels are nailed to, to weaken significantly.

By listening closely to the sounds coming from your home’s exterior, you can identify the true source of the noise.

Do not put your ear up against the wall finish. Stand close to the wall and listen carefully.

If you can’t still identify the source of the noise get a professional to perform an on site inspection.

Why Does Vinyl Siding Make Noise?

The type of resin and plastic contained in vinyl makes it highly responsive or sensitive to temperature changes.

½ an inch is usually the maximum point of expansion for standard vinyl siding panels exposed to extreme temperatures.

Vinyl siding can make noise for quite a number of reasons but expansion and contraction is the primary cause of this occurrence.

Not all homeowners experience noise disturbances from their vinyl panels.

Sometimes it’s a matter of luck while other times the noise emissions are too low to be picked up by the human ear.

If you find the noises your vinyl siding makes unbearable and can’t seem to make any of the tips and tricks for tackling this problem work for you, you should consider replacing your siding panels.

Fiber cement and wood siding are your best bet if you’re looking for noise-free wall claddings.

Replacing your siding might not be a good idea if you’re not willing to spend a considerable amount of money. Siding panels that are not prone to noise emissions are pretty expensive.

So make sure you observe if the noise is something you can live with before making any brash decisions.

Use the list of causes listed in the previous subheading to help tackle the noise issues.

How to Get Rid of Vinyl Siding Noise?

If in all your years of owning a home or renting property, you’ve never had to deal with noise emissions from siding panels.

Living in a home with noisy vinyl panels would most definitely be an unbearable experience for you.

The good thing is you might just be able to silence or reduce the noise.

Here are a couple of things you can do to get rid of vinyl siding noises.

  1. Invite a professional over to your home to take a look at your siding, and perform quick fixes that’d help reduce the noise.
  2. Check your siding for loose nails and ensure they are driven properly into the siding panel.
  3. Cover every hole you find in your siding panel and caulk cracked spots on the panel
  4. Remove damaged panels from the wall sheathing and replace them with good ones
  5. Loosen siding panels that are tightly nailed to your home’s exterior.
  6. You can remove the whole siding and invest in a new set if you cannot cope with the noise. Ps. Insulated vinyl sidings muffle sounds better than ordinary vinyl siding. 


Expansion and contraction is the main reason why your vinyl siding panels make noise. The noise is often imperceptible but can be amplified if you have tightly fastened and loosely nailed vinyl siding panels amongst properly secured wall finishes.

The noise can also be caused by damaged pipes near the substrate and materials caught between your siding panels.

Correcting or fixing unbearable noise emissions from vinyl siding panels is best done by a professional.

You can invest in a new type of exterior finish if you can’t cope with the noise from your vinyl panels.