How Can I Know What Brand of Vinyl Siding I Have? (Solved!)

Vinyl siding is by far the most popular exterior finish on the market; owing to this, it’s very easy to identify. Although there are various brands of vinyl siding, they all have similar characteristics.

Sometimes you can tell a brand of vinyl sidings by its width, texture, or color. Oftentimes you can tell the brand by checking the back of the board for the manufacturer’s name or an AHA code.

Vinyl sidings are known for their durability, high quality, low cost, and eco-friendliness. They’re easy to maintain and give a home a distinct and very appealing look.

In this article, we’ll be sharing helpful tips on how to tell what brand of vinyl siding you have and answering other intriguing questions related to this topic.

How Can You Know Who Made Your Vinyl Siding?

When siding is made or manufactured, a sticker is usually stuck on the back of the product. This sticker contains information about the product, manufacturer, or producer and an AHA code.

You can tell who made your vinyl siding by making inquiries using the contact details on the sticker or by tracking the AHA code.

Are All Vinyl Siding the Same?

Vinyl siding panels from brand to brand have slightly different make-ups, textures, and colors and vary in price. No vinyl siding is the same as the other unless they’re from the same brand. 

As there are different brands or designs of vinyl siding, there are different product features. Most brands of vinyl siding have the same features, but only a few of these products have features peculiar to other products.

Nevertheless, when choosing vinyl siding for your house, you should consider the following factors,

  1. Lifespan

Vinyl siding is one of the most durable types of siding that is widely used today. It doesn’t require high maintenance to last.

This exterior finish is resistant to weather elements, which adds to its popularity amongst homeowners.

Despite the fact that vinyl siding is known for its durability, the number of years this product lasts varies from brand to brand.

  1. Easy to Install

Almost anyone can pull off a vinyl siding installation; these products are very easy and straightforward to install. This is probably because they are thin and lightweight.  

Before you install a brand of vinyl siding, make sure you go through the instruction manual that came with the siding. The steps of installation might vary slightly from brand to brand.

Vinyl expands and contracts due to constant changes in temperature, so there are a couple of nuances in the installation process you must not overlook.

  1. Cost

The cost of vinyl siding varies from brand to brand, but the price difference isn’t so significant. This exterior finish is pretty affordable, so you can get any brand of this type of siding within your budget.

The size and style of your home also determine how much you’d spend acquiring this product.

When choosing the brand or type of vinyl siding to use on your home, always remember that cheaper isn’t always better.

  1. Siding Thickness

The thickness of your vinyl siding is an important factor to consider because it determines how resistant it is to the weather. In most cases, the super thin versions of vinyl siding tend to crack and warp faster.

The thicker versions of vinyl siding provide better protection and insulation for your home. The level of thickness of your vinyl siding should be between 0.035 inches and 0.04 inches.

There are three types of vinyl siding on the market, they are:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Architectural

Dutch lap, which is a style of vinyl siding, is said to be the best because of its high aesthetic value and durability.

There are many other styles of vinyl sidings apart from Dutch lap. They are as follows;

  • Clapboard Horizontal Siding
  • Beaded Vinyl Siding
  • Board & batten siding
  • Cabin Board Siding
  • Shingle Siding

How Can You Match Your Vinyl Siding?

If your vinyl siding breaks, you’ll need it replaced with the exact color of the previous one or something close to it. Simply pick a piece of the broken siding and take it to the store to get a match.

Getting the perfect match for your old siding can be frustrating because it often takes a while to find a perfect match.

 If you’re not sure about the exact color of your siding, you can contact the manufacturer to get the information.

To avoid the stress of finding a similar match to your old siding when it gets damaged, buy more siding than you need the first time you side your home so that you have extras for future replacements.

The above pointer doesn’t guarantee a seamless or satisfactory replacement because the color of the already installed siding would have faded due to sun exposure.

This will create a contrast between the new siding and the old siding. You can get acrylic paint of the same color as the new siding and paint over the old vinyl siding to make them match.

Can You Mix Brands of Vinyl Siding?

It is possible to mix different brands of vinyl siding. You can also use different styles and colors, but it is best to use a particular brand or style for the face of your house.

Mixing different brands or colors of vinyl siding on the face of a house makes it appear unattractive when the finish begins to fade.

In case you think you can make the idea of using different brands of vinyl siding to cover a house work, prepare to spend a considerable amount of money on an undue siding replacement.  

Kindly note that the brands of vinyl siding you choose to mix and match must be of the same quality, thickness, and level of durability, and must be of uniform size and shape.

Final Thoughts

Mixing and matching your vinyl siding with different brands can give the exterior of your home an aesthetic appeal if you do it right.

Use colors that go together and make sure the siding boards are of uniform length, width, and design. After installing the siding, make sure you maintain the exterior of your home regularly.

You can also contact an expert to assist you with the installation and brand of vinyl siding to choose.

We hope this article answered all the questions you might have on vinyl siding and are pleased to inform you that we have other articles that cover this topic extensively.