How long does it take to install countertops? (All Types)

It’s that time of the year when you decide to replace all old items in your kitchen. However, you’re stirring right at your old countertop, and the first question that comes to mind is, “how long does it take to install a new countertop?”

Changing your kitchen is an exciting yet daunting process. But it’s worth the stress and the money because the new countertops will rejuvenate your kitchen and dining space and add value to your home in ways you never even imagined.

How long do countertops take to order?

On average, it takes between seven to ten days to order and get your countertops. 

It may take more or fewer days, depending on the style and size of the countertop. It is important to note that the counting starts after measurement. While some installers will require you to pay half the balance after installing, others may require you to pay the total money upfront. However, you don’t have to worry; most installers will drop the bill after installation and require you to pay up. This plan gives you sufficient time to source the money.

How many hours does it take to install countertops? 

Installing a new countertop in your home or business place can be great. However, you may be worried about how long it will take for the installer to install this masterpiece. After all, everyone has a time that needs to be followed, and knowing how many hours it takes to install countertops can be helpful. While the timeline does vary significantly according to the size of the project, below are detailed explanations of some of the processes that will impact the timeline of all installations.

Countertop Removal

A significant amount of time spent on installing a countertop is spent on the removal phase. If you still have your old countertop in place, you will need to contact the installers to remove the existing countertop before the new countertop can be installed. This process can take between one to three hours, depending on the numbers and size of the countertops that need to be removed. 


As you might imagine, the installers would have to manufacture the countertop based on your preference at their factory and transport it down to your home or office. The transportation process often takes time. Depending on the proximity of the manufacturer’s factory to the installation location, the transportation of the countertop may take some hours. And when the countertop eventually gets to the installation location, it often takes some time to bring the granite inside the building and to ensure it is safely dropped off.

Leveling and Securing

It is important to make sure the surface on which the countertop is being installed (cabinet, table, etc.) is level and secure before having the countertops installed.

The installers are trained to carefully execute the installation projects. They will ensure that everything is intact before placing the countertop; however, it’s important to confirm these steps if you are doing your own home renovation by yourself. This process isn’t a lengthy step. It can be completed in less than an hour. But it is important to make sure that your countertops are installed correctly by double-checking to make sure all is level and shim any gaps, if necessary, before proceeding to installation.


The actual installation takes more time and requires professional expertise than countertop removal. The installation process is the focal point of the installation, and it takes a large portion of the installer’s time. This process may take anything between three to six hours, depending on the installation’s size, style, and complexity. Contrary to assumption, the installer is expected to carefully,

  • Lay down the countertop
  • Set the seams
  • Secure the countertop  

These are the crucial steps the installers are expected to take to avoid any future problems with the installation.

Detail Work and Clean-Up

The finishing and clean-up is the final stage of the installation process. This process takes less time and requires less expertise. The installer is expected to remove all of the excess caulk and epoxy, sweep up the dirt and make sure the new countertops are clean and shining. The goal is to clean up all the dirt that must have occurred during the installation and leave the countertop and its environment clean and neat.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the countertop installation isn’t as simple as you might have expected. You need the services of an experienced installer to install a countertop in an average size kitchen in two to three hours. However, a larger countertop project might take closer to eight hours. The installation process is slow, stressful, and tasking, but the results are always beautiful and well worth the wait.

How long does it take to install quartz countertops?

The installation of stone or quartz countertops takes longer and may require more men to carry. Depending on the size, complexity, and special requirements of the project, the installation may take up to five hours. While the installation of smaller and simpler quartz countertops may take about 2-3 hours.

How long does it take to install granite countertops?

Granite countertop installation isn’t as simple as people always imagine. An average-sized kitchen granite countertop installation will take around 4 hours from start to finish, while the complex kitchen granite countertop may take 6-7 hours.

How long does it take to install marble countertops?

The installation of an average natural stone countertop like marble will take between 4-6 hours. This is because experts can only install this type of countertop, and the installation requires a lot of precision and experience.  

How long does it take to install laminate countertops?

Laminate countertops are the quickest and easiest to install. Usually, an average laminated countertop installation can take between 3-5 hours from start to finish.  

Why do countertops installation take so long?

Installing countertops is an expensive, arduous, and often difficult task that requires adequate preparation. For example, stone or quartz countertops can only be installed by experts, and the installation requires a lot of precision and may require more men to carry.

Is installing countertops hard?

If you are used to installing countertops, you may easily replace an old countertop with a new one. However, if you haven’t installed a countertop before, you may find countertop installation challenging. Regardless of your experience and the size of the project, understanding the basics of countertop installation will be very helpful in helping you install any type of countertop.


There are different countertops and the time for installing each of them varies significantly. The actual installation times depend on the size of the project and the people involved. It’s important to plan so that all the processes involved in the installation can go smoothly.