How Many Amps Needed For Electric Fireplace? (Top Models)

With electric fireplaces that draw about 1500 watts, most of them take 13 amps and are plugged with an average 120-volt or 15-amp outlet, and no dedicated circuit is needed. However, the count of amps that a fireplace draws with the bowler concludes how much power it uses. Also, an electric fireplace of 1500 watts might cost up to 18 cents hourly.

A fireplace is an efficient option to save on energy costs. When we use an electric fireplace in a lounge room, it reduces the need for heat from other resources. If you permit an electric fireplace that is efficient enough to manage some heating tasks, the sum of energy used is lower compared to the home’s main heating resource.

Here’s How Many Amps Needed For Electric Fireplace By Different Models:

Do you know what an electric fireplace is? It is a source of heat that adds to a room’s ambiance. Most of the time, homeowners opt to install it in their lounge areas. Here is a list of tested models, judging them based on how much heat they give and features including safety, quality, use, and easiness of setup.

Model NameDescriptionNumber of Amps
Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace StoveThis electric fireplace earns quality reviews for its user-friendly features and 3D fire flame simulation. It is known as one of the top-ranked fireplaces. Not just that, DuraFlame has a timer, which you can set as per your need. It has a remote control, thermostat, and levels of flame. The best part? It has an automatic temperature controller that turns off the fireplace when it overheats, which is a great safety feature you won’t find in other models.12.5 Amps
R.W.FLAME Electric FireplaceThis fireplace model gives your home a whole new look, offering 12 unique flame colors. While some heaters aren’t worth buying, R.W. Flame has all that you want. It owns a touch-screen system, operated using buttons on the front side of the panel, and comes with remote control. You can place this heater anywhere in the room or hang it on a suitable wall.12.5 Amps
Emerson Grand Electric FireplaceThis piece is designed by PuraFlame, offering a  stylish glass frame, interior brick walls, and 3D fire, that gives your home an aesthetic look. The best thing about this fireplace is the low maintenance cost. Its fire also gives you an experience that’s similar to that of a bonfire. This heater takes around 1500 watts of energy, making it a perfect fit for small rooms.12.5 Amps
PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace  This piece is designed by PuraFlame, offering a stylish glass frame, interior brick walls, and 3D fire to give the home an aesthetic appeal. The best thing about this fireplace is that it doesn’t require a maintenance cost. The sound of its fire also gives you an experience of the bonfire. This heater takes around 1500 watts of energy, making it a perfect fit for small rooms.12.5 Amps
Terrence 47.38” W Electric Fireplace  If you want an aesthetic vibe in your home, then go for this unit, as this is the perfect pick for you. It is one of the best choices one could ever make. In addition, it comes at a reasonable cost that homeowners can afford easily. The best part? The exterior doesn’t overheat, which makes it safe for pets, children, and older people. However, some of its features aren’t exactly user-friendly. For instance, it has no remote controller to change the temperature from a distance.11.7 Amps
Lauderhill 50.375” W Electric FireplaceThanks to its smart and sleek look, it gives the home a contemporary appeal. This wall-mounted unit is one of the most amazing pieces that offer realistic effects. It comes with safety features, heat protection, and a cold touch outer surface. However, this unit doesn’t cover customizable options that are easily accessible in other options. It comes in black and white colors.12 Amps
Lauderhill 50.375” W Electric FireplaceIf you want an affordable option, this could help. This unit delivers safety options; for instance, it gets shut off automatically when it starts overheating. What’s more? It is a perfect pick for smaller rooms that are around 175 square feet.12 Amps

How Do Electric Fireplace Work, Does It Need A Breaker?

Electric fireplaces have two major components, one is a heater (with a fan in it), and the other part is the flame. Most fireplaces come with different switches, permitting users to function in different modes. If you are looking for an appealing 3D flame presentation without a heated exterior, you’ll find models on the market that come without a heat option, and they’re available at affordable prices. Electric fireplaces come with options like no flame effect but heat only. All fireplaces come with a dedicated line that connects them directly to the circuit breaker.

Do you know why this dedicated line is important? When we turn on the flames, an electric fireplace uses electricity. However, if there is no heater working, you don’t need a dedicated circuit. The important part is that almost every electric fireplace uses a maximum heat output of up to 2500 watts on a 240-volt line or 1500 watts on a 150-volt line. All fireplaces are hard-wired and come with cords, allowing users to conveniently plug them into a standard home receptacle.

Do You Need A Particular Plug For An Electric Fireplace?

To be stated, electric fireplaces do not need any special plug – it is a general misconception that they use a lot of energy and thus, require a special plug to work. Electric fireplaces come with safety measures and after testing. They are easy to operate, use, and install. All you have to do is plug it into a normal outlet and if you don’t have an electric socket near your desired location, get yourself a plug socket to fix this issue.

Does Extension Wire Work?

Yes, it will! However, plugging in the main sockets is much safer than plugging it into an extension lead. The only reason it is not recommended to use an extension lead is that its wires knock into each other and could lead to overheating, which is not safe at all. While electric fireplaces are safe to use, try not to overload or misuse them.

Final words

An electric fireplace draws about 1500 watts or 2500 watts; many fireplaces take 13 amps. There are different fireplaces, each of which has different characteristics and features. Some of them are more reliable and the best options to go for, while others are not. A fireplace is an efficient way to give your home an aesthetic look. If you want your lounge area to seem more homely, it’s time to get an electric fireplace that comes with safety and advanced options. Also, electric fireplaces don’t need any additional plug to work; you can use whatever switch is near. However, don’t go for extension leads – they are not safe.