How To Screw Into Granite Countertop? (With Video!)

Granite is a hard stone, which explains why we use it for countertops. However, its hardness can be a problem when you need to screw into it.

Although drilling into granite is more complicated than regular wood, it is possible. All you need is the right set of tools. With a bit of patience and some time, you will screw through the hard stone without causing any damage to yourself and your tools.

If you wonder how to drive screws through granite, you are in the right place. This guide has all the steps you need to do that. Keep reading to find out.

Can you screw into granite countertops?

Yes, you can drive screws into granite countertops. Because of the material’s attractiveness and durability, granite countertops and flooring are popular among homebuilders and homeowners.

Granite comes in a range of designs, colors, and finishes. Despite being slightly more expensive than most alternatives, it remains one of the most popular materials in high-end construction and remodeling projects.

On the other hand, Granite can be a complex material to work with due to its hardness and relative brittleness. As a result, you need special saws to cut granite tiles, and in some cases, you’ll need industrial-level saws to cut thickness pieces. Drilling is another story entirely.

That’s because it’s easy to damage the granite or even the drill bits if you do not use the proper method or tools.

However, drilling granite is very easy. As long as you have the right tools and use the proper techniques, anyone can drill through granite like a pro.

Here is how you screw into granite countertops

Now that you know you can screw into granite, the next big question is how? As we said, it’s easy, and anyone can do it.

Before you start screwing, you have to be sure you are ready for the job. Start by checking to see that the work environment is safe and secure.

If you have pets or children in the house, you might want to set up a perimeter to keep them from wandering while you’re drilling. In the alternative, you can have someone keep an eye on the kids and keep them away from your workspace while you’re drilling.

Always remember that your safety comes. So, ensure that you wear some protective clothing.  

For instance, you will need goggles to protect your eyes as loose debris and dust may fly out. You will also likely need a face mask as the dust may irritate your airways.

Finally, granite is a natural stone, which means when you screw into it, you will experience loud vibrations. Therefore, you might want to protect your ears with an earplug.

That said, here are the steps to screw granite into your countertop

STEP 1: Determine the size of the screw you want to use and estimate the hole you need.

An old saying says, “measure twice and drill once.”That tells you how important it is to take the proper measurements. Getting the right size for the hole means selecting the right drill bit for the job. Once you have sorted the hole size, it’s time to determine the right spot where you want your screw to be. 

STEP 2: Mark the area where you will drill.

For smaller holes, a marker or sharpie dot may suffice. For larger holes, use a template. Take your time when marking because drilling on granite does not take second chances.

If you’re worried about the drill bit slipping, clamp scrap wood over the area to be drilled and mark it with a marker. Doing this ensures that the drill bit is not shaky when it reaches the granite.

STEP 3: Clamp the granite

The next thing to do is clamp a scrap piece of stone directly beneath the area you want to screw. Doing this will keep the granite from chipping. To ensure stability, clamp on both sides of the stone.

STEP 4: Securely attach the appropriate drill bit size to the drill.

Remember you already determined the size of the screw. Now, use the size to determine the best-sized drill bit for the job.

You must attach the drill bit securely to the drill.

Having a drill bit with loose attachments can cause many problems. For instance, it can create nasty holes or even damage the granite. Also, it comes with lots of safety risks.

As you check the size of the drill bit also, ensure that the drill bit is designed for granite. If not, at least the drill should be designed for natural stones.

Asides from that, be sure that the drill has sufficient depth to go through the stone. If one is available, a diamond core drill bit is recommended.

STEP 5: Apply light pressure to the marked location with the drill.

 Allow the drill to do its work. Drill steadily until the drill bit leaves a deep enough mark in the granite. Then you can gradually increase your speed from there.

 You can drill with or without water depending on the manufacturer’s instructions of the drill bit.

Some drill bit manufacturers recommend using water to keep the drill bit cool and lubricated while drilling. Others argue that you won’t have to do that for their bits. In any case, water will help reduce the amount of granite dust in the air.

 If you’re going to use water, build a dam around the drilling site with plumber’s putty. If you don’t want to use water, have someone vacuum the granite dust as you drill.

STEP 6: Drill down until you reach the scrap stone beneath.

If you are drilling multiple holes, allow the drill bit to cool before drilling the next hole.

What kind of screws do you use for granite?

You will need screws to secure appliances to your countertops. The screws hold the appliance in place and reduce vibrations that can damage both the appliance and the granite countertop.

The ideal screw is the blue screw, designed for hard surfaces like granite. Blue screws are made of more rigid materials like granite than regular screws and are coated in blue paint.

You can also use a variety of wood screws. Most wood screws will work for your granite, although the results might not be satisfactory. However, we recommend that you use #12 1.5′′ wood screws.

Do you need a particular drill bit for granite?

You can either use a diamond bit or a tungsten carbide bit to drill into granite. Both options are suitable to a particular extent, but the diamond core bits are the best.

Tungsten carbide drill bits can also cut through granite, though not as effectively as diamond-coated drill bits. The primary distinctions are in price and durability.

Carbide-tipped masonry bits are a little bit more expensive than diamond core bits. However, if you properly maintain and handle a diamond-coated drill bit for granite, you can save significantly more money than using a carbide product.

More so, Diamond vs. carbide drill bit usage ratios can sometimes be as high as 300-to-1.

More so, when you use diamond drill bits on granite, it tends to last approximately 25 times longer than granite drilled with carbide bits under the same conditions.

It is critical to understand that diamond bits will not work on soft materials such as wood, MDF, plastic, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for an all-around tool, the tungsten carbide drill is a better option.

You may need more than one carbide-coated drill bit when installing granite materials at home. Even if you go through a few of them, this method may be less expensive than purchasing a diamond-coated alternative.

The Takeaway

Screwing into a granite countertop is not only possible, but it is also easy. However, you must follow the proper process and use the right tools to get the right results.

We have discussed in detail all the steps you need to take above. We have also shown you the right drill bits you can use and the correct screws to use.

All you need is the right attitude and a little effort; you will fix your countertop in the right place.