Master Bedroom Closet (Avg Sizes & Helpful Tips!)

Walk-in closet is the modern luxury highlight of master bedrooms and the raging desire for every homeowner.

So, what are the dimensions of an average walk-in closet to a master’s bedroom? 

Here is the Average Sizes of a Master Bedroom Closet

While reach-in ranges anything from 3-8 feet in length, a walk-in should be at least 7 by 10 feet and bear a height of 8 feet to comfortably accommodate the personal stuff of two individuals. In-depth, closets should be 24-28” deep which allows one to reach the wall of the closet.

The Master Bedrooms Closet: Walk-In or Reach-In?

For master bedroom closets, bigger is always better and as opposed to walk-ins, reach-ins closets are sometimes more practical as the entire space allocated to storage finds more use than in walk-ins which take up more space while the central part of it is used as the elbow room.

When bedrooms and houses used to be bigger, walk-in was not a thing yet but now that bedroom uses have been redefined, master bedroom space allocation has grown smaller.

This is because, with the incorporation of walk-in type of closets in place of reach-in, bedroom space allocation has significantly reduced to accommodate the size of the closet.

There are still reach-in closets in master bedrooms today but not like it was in the days past.

In dimensions, a reach-in closet can be anything between 3 to 8 feet wide and between 6 and 8 feet in height.

Like said above, the bigger the better and a closet that is designed to take in between 24 and 28 inches in depth is adequate enough to accommodate bulky as well as wide-shouldered garments when they are hanged.

The modern master bedroom closet is a rectangular walk-in cubicle that encompasses shelves, drawers, and poles lining its walls to adequately create enough room to store and display clothing and accessories.

What Is The Average Size Of Master Bedroom Closet?

On average, a walk-in should be 7 feet wide to accommodate at least 24 inches of storage space on either side of the wall and 10 feet in length to accommodate as many shelves, draws, and rods as possible for all the clothes and personal effects of the homeowners.

The master bedroom closet is mostly designed for two.

Here, the size or dimensions of the master walk-in increase according to space and design. It is fair to say that walk-ins are luxurious modern home improvements that most people have an insatiable desire for.

But when presented with lesser space, a walk-in can be designed to cover a 4 by 4 radius.

Note that this is the least a walk-in is allowed to be.

A space in the middle which can be 3 or 4 feet wide should be vacated to create space for walking in and out of the cubical as well as bear a bench for sitting down when putting on shoes for example.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Standard Bedroom Closet?

A standard closet is around 6-feet long, 8-feet high and 24 inches deep. The closet should be at least half the width of the room, if not more. Ideally, these dimensions make all stuff accessible and viewable.

When constructing a closet, a decent rule of thumb is to be able to stand with your back against the back wall and just reach the front wall. 

What Is A Good-Sized Master Bedroom Closet?

A walk-in master closet should be at least 7 by 10 feet and ideally 100 square feet for two people. Anything smaller, in this case, will have a storage space shortage which will be inconvenient for one or both partners.

But this size of the closet is also in consideration of the average person’s ownership of clothes and personal items.

People with an active social life have a huge closet and there they need a bigger closet to house their garments and other personal stuff.

In this case, the bigger the better.

Closet size presumably depends on location. Bigger and congested cities have smaller units designated for storage while rural or less congested towns have wider storage space.

Otherwise, money will also play a determining factor, especially in busy congested cities.

The much you have or are willing to spend on housing decides how much space the closet will occupy.

What Is The Minimum Depth For A Bedroom Closet?

A reach-in closet’s normal minimum depth is 24 inches, but a closet designed to hold coats or other bulky hanging goods may require a depth of up to 28 inches.

Children’s clothes for example do not take up a lot in-depth because they are tiny.

Adults on the other hand are taller and bigger.

Men for example have wider shoulders, so when the rod is installed into the closet, it should be able to swing or hang freely without touching the wall or hanging out of the closet.

Larger or heavier garments too should not be folded into shorter bulky pieces. Otherwise, the right and correct closest depth should be in-depth is 22 or 24 inches.

What Is The Minimum Width Of A Closet?

The minimum width of a closet is 4 feet. This means that depth is reduced to enable the opposite walls of the closets to be lined with storage spaces while the far end is used for hanging to avoid it getting in the way.  

It also means that one length of the wall will be put to use while the other is left to facilitate ample room for movement.

A 4 feet width in a closet is small and that is the least it is allowed by code to get.

It is easy for a smaller-sized closet to lose its style and purpose but it takes a more organized individual to bring it home.

With its smallness, it helps the closets be arranged according to size and type of item.

It also requires to be furnished with storage solutions such as baskets to improve usability and the outlook of the space.

How Deep Should A Closet Be Framed?

To accommodate wide-shouldered coats, a closet should have a depth of 24-28 inches. This is deep enough to comfortably accommodate hanged and folded clothes, especially the bulky ones.

The depth of a closet depends on how much space one is working with coupled up with the size of personal items.

For example, ladies’ shoes cover precisely 7” while men’s footwear covers approximately 9”. It means the depth of their shelves will be narrow compared to the shelves that are meant for clothes.

When working with limited space, shelves can be separated where one side is deeper whereas the other is shallow as long as it serves its purpose.

How Big Is A Master Walk-In Closet?

On average, the master walk-in closet should be 7 wide and 10 feet long and have a depth of 28” to be able to cater for two individuals, this means that three walls will be line floor to top with shelves, drawers, and rods to accommodate wide-shouldered clothes and bulky folded items.

At a minimum though, the walk-in should be 4 by 4 feet.

The master bedroom walk-in is the modern trend that is eating more and more into the space of the main bedroom.

How big it is or should be is mostly subjective depending on the space available and personal style.

Otherwise, walk-in closets can be bigger and grandeur to accommodate a window for better lighting.

How High Should A Bedroom Closet Shelf Be?

A closet should either be 7 or 8 feet to maximize every inch of storage space available. While a lady who is 5’4” tall can comfortably reach up to 74”, a man who is 5’9 can also reach up to 79”

This means that a 6-foot tall closet is below the optimized presumed height of the average person.

While some in-built reach-in closets cover one face of the entire wall, the top most which may be used seasonally is able to take in suitcases or other items that are not regularly required.

Final Thought

The size of a master bedroom closet or its dimensions thereof depends firstly on the type of closet it is. This is because the size of a walk-in as compared to a reach-in is dynamically not relatable because of their designs.

Walk-in now belongs to the master bedroom while the reach-in belongs to the other bedrooms whether it is the children’s room or the guest’s room.

All the same, the way a closet is designed and arranged determines how it will look or appear.