Pine Kitchen Cabinets (6 Helpful Answers)

Pinewood is moisture resistant and prevents cabinets from shrinking or swelling. These types of cabinets offer the look of a distinctive and beautiful knot. You can install pine kitchen cabinets in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Want to learn more about pine kitchen cabinets? Here are 6 hopeful answers that you can use as guidance while choosing cabinets for your kitchen.

Can You Use Pine for Kitchen Cabinets?

Pine kitchen cabinets are pretty popular. People opt for pine because of being only softwood.

These types of kitchen cabinets are also trendy because of the pine knots. This feature gives them an exceptionally charming appeal so they go well with a rustic kitchen. For people who don’t like the knots, they can find pine without the knots, but with the same classy, gorgeous color and feel.

Besides that, pine cabinets work well since kitchen cabinets need to tolerate humid environments. Pine has a moisture-resistant ability that prevents them from cracking or swelling like other traditional wood materials.

Due to their soft construction, pine cabinets are easy to work with. As a result, you get your desired style and size of custom-made cabinets.

Is Pine Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

As we have discussed, pine is the only softwood species commonly used for cabinetry; they are ideal for kitchen use. This pale yellow wood complements American, French, and English country settings. Western and Eastern white pine is also used for the semi-custom lines.

Pine cabinets have attractive wood grain that can make any kitchen look extraordinary and lavish. Another perk of these cabinets is that they are inexpensive. You can install several cabinets in your kitchen at an affordable cost.

Like all other wood materials, pine cabinets don’t shrink. If homeowners keep up with maintenance and repair small issues soon after spotting them, these cabinets can last a long time.

Pine Wood vs. Other Woods

Pinewood has its own perks and drawbacks. Compared to plywood, pinewood works wonders for your kitchen’s aesthetic. They give a contemporary feel to your kitchen, something you can’t get from plywood. Pine is also easy to customize and carve into whatever shape and size you like.

When it comes to cedar Vs. pine, there is no doubt that cedar is stronger than pine. However, cedarwood is not as soft as pine. They are also prone to moisture to some extent, which causes your cabinets to shrink quickly in humid conditions. On the other hand, pine maintains its charismatic look without shrinking.

Another common material for kitchen cabinets is oak. They are durable and significantly stronger but require an impressive investment to install them in your kitchen. Pine is much more affordable than oak cabinets, making them an affordable option for homeowners.

Pros and Cons of Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Like all kitchen cabinets, pine cabinets have their pros and cons. They can offer benefits that you can’t find in any other cabinets but also have some limitations that force some people to opt for other cabinet options.

Here are the pros of pine kitchen cabinets that make them an ideal option for most types of houses.

  • It is a low-cost material.
  • It allows you to paint them in different colors.
  • It can resist moistures and can prevent swelling and shrinking.
  • It develops an appealing, rustic patina from use and age.
  • It is a softwood that allows the cabinet manufacturers to give them any shape and size.
  • It works best for custom-made cabinets.

Despite all these benefits, there are some disadvantages that prevent people from purchasing them:

  • It is prone to scratches and dents.
  • It is not as durable as the hardwoods like oaks.
  • Its pleasing light color is susceptible to stains.

Since you now know the pros and cons of opting for pine cabinets, it will become easy for you to make a decision. While making a decision, consider your needs and requirements. Also, think about your budget and whether you will get any other cabinet at this price.

You also need to think about whether you need custom or readymade cabinets. Lastly, try to understand the atmosphere of your space. Is your kitchen gets humid very often? Have your old cabinets got swelled? Considering all these things will help you choose between pine kitchen cabinets and other woods.

How do You Make Pine Cabinets Look Good?

Pine cabinets are pretty different from others; they have a beautiful natural look. However, due to their light tone, they are prone to a wide range of stains. So, if you are worried about these problems, here are a few ways you can make your pine look good.

You can modernize your stained cabinets to hide the marks and stains on them. Stripping varnish or old pine is the best option for them all. In this case, first, sand your kitchen cabinets, and then give them the stain in your preferred color.

If you choose dark colors, try to be a bit cautious, as the pine can easily absorb paints. This will result in an incredibly darker finish, more than you expected. For a more contemporary feel, you can install modern and trendy hardware. This will distract the eyes from the stain if any, and so the viewer notices the overall feel and vibe of the cabinets.

Can You Paint over Pine Cabinets?

If you want to contrast your pine cabinets with the color scheme of your kitchen, it’s totally fine to paint your cabinets. Painting knotting cabinets requires more work than painting knot-free wood cabinets like maple.

Also, if you want to paint them white, you need to prepare the surface to hide the knots. The resin inside the knots makes it challenging to pain the cabinet without using a primer. Although you can paint these cabinets directly, you will continue to notice a yellow film on the surface that will not provide a proper finish. So, be sure to use a premier.

Cabinets with a protective layer of polyurethane make the process more complex and time-consuming. In this case, you can opt for an oil-based primer. Try to avoid a latex primer, as it will not stick on the polyurethane layer. Apply the primer first on the cabinets, and then give them a fresh coat of paint.

Here is a quick view of the steps that you need to follow.

  • Clean your cabinets
  • Use sandpaper on pine
  • Apply the premier
  • Wait for your cabinet to get dry
  • Apply the paint
  • Give another coat if you want a dark color

Bottom Line

Pine kitchen cabinets are popular among homeowners because of their chic and charming look. The most important thing is that these cabinets are pretty affordable. A homeowner on a budget can opt for these cabinets without compromising on their desire to improve the feel of the space.

Pinewood also allows you to customize the cabinets in whatever way you like. You can carve the cabinets into different shapes without worrying about damaging the wood.

These cabinets also give you the freedom to change their look whenever you want, as you can paint them in different colors and completely change their look. If you ever want to revamp your kitchen, you don’t need to replace the cabinets. Instead, give your old pine cabinets a new look. Moisture retention and the ability to endure a harsh kitchen atmosphere are some of the perks of installing pine cabinets.


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