Are Shower Caddies Bad For Shower Head? (Explained)

Shower caddies are likely to cause damage in the long run instigated by too much weight. Besides, the threads holding the system in place and the joints inside the wall play a vital role in strengthening the showerhead.

Plumbers will tell you that hanging a shower caddy on the showerhead is a reason you may soon need repairs. In this article, we look into how much weight your shower caddy holds. 

No Place To Keep Soaps In The Shower?

The shower is an important place to clean and rejuvenate. More reason why it should be as convenient and practical as possible.

But modern showers have sleek walls that are either tiled or laced with seamless wall panels, which explains why they do not have in-built niches for keeping toiletries.

The fact that the homeowner did not include these necessities cause the following inconvenience;

  1. Clutter of toiletries as some people will place them on the floor.
  2. Having to take soaps and shampoos back and forth whenever you want to take a shower.

So what do you do to get yourself out of this bad situation?

The lack of niches makes showering impractical for many, and buying a shower caddie for your bathroom salvages the situation making it much better and more practical.

The good thing with shower caddies is that they are non-invasive and exude elegance;

  • Shower caddies hold all of your bathing products, keeping them organized and within arm’s reach. It is perfect for people who love order.
  • Because they are mostly hung up on the showerhead, it allows wet bathing products to drip water instead of making a trail of water and soap outside of the shower.
  • Shower caddies make the shower easy to clean and keep it neat.

Are Shower Caddies Can Cause Damage For Shower Head?

Everything good has its downside, and hanging shower caddies on showerheads is none the better.

The showerhead has three main parts;

  1. The showerhead
  2. The shower pipe (arm)
  3. The flange

Of the above, the toiletry holder is mostly strapped on the shower arm because it is thought to be solid and high enough to allow people the luxury to occupy every inch of the shower, which is free from clutter.

On few occasions, most people will take a quick bath using only soap, but when time and circumstances allow, most will take the opportunity to take a luxurious bath which involves many products such as;

  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Soaps
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners

So, how do you tell your shower caddie is harming the showerhead?

The majority of bathing products are packed in bottles; placing a number of them in the caddie will seem like no issue in the beginning, but as time goes by, you notice that;

  • There is water leakage that drips or runs down the wall, and on close inspection, you notice that the pipe inside the wall is leaking at the joint.
  • If the showerhead arm is made of plastic, it can easily break due to being overweight.
  • If the threads attaching to the shower system are weak, then it is likely to come off. 

How Much Weight Shower Head Holds? (Factors Involved)

Shower caddies hold all the paraphernalia needed to run a shower. Sometimes these soaps and shampoos are heavy, causing the showerhead to strain. 

Little by little, the damage is inflicted on the showerhead pipe leading to leakage and possible disconnect.

But other factors are also at play;

  1. Size of shower arm
  2. The material it is made of
  3. The treads attaching the pieces
  4. The kind of connection the pipes are hidden inside the wall.

A shower arm that is ½” in diameter and is made of metal can hold more than 1lb.

And because it’s better for me to be safe than sorry, finding alternative storage or hanging places to hang your shower caddie.

How Much Weight Can A Shower Caddy Hold?

Most shower caddies are made of metal which means they are pretty strong. But some are from plastic and come in a variety of colors.

The determinant factor on how much weight a shower caddy can carry depends on the following;

  1. Storage capacity
  2. The place you are hooking it to.

Storage Capacity

There are shower caddies that have single storage units, while others have several.

Single units can hold a few soap and shampoo bottles, while multiple storage units can store several on each rack.

The bottles’ size matters as some are more significant, meaning they weigh more while others are smaller, meaning they weigh less.

A bottle of bathing gel weighs 250ml, and five bottles of different products weighing the same are stored in the shower caddie then is 1250ml, which is almost 3 pounds.

With a good holding grip, I suppose a shower caddie can hold close to 15 pounds given that a shower caddie that is 23” in height and 10“in length, and 4 ½ in width is likely to weigh 3pounds

The Place You are Hooking it to

Self-tapping plastic corner storage shelves do not require too much weight as they may loosen the grip.

If the caddie is also hanging on the glass door, you might want to be careful about the number of things that go into the caddie, so you do not weigh down the door or risk the fragility of the glass.

The most important thing is to keep only items that you regularly use on the shower caddie while keeping the rest elsewhere to avoid overworking the caddie.

If not, it would be best to have more than one shower caddy to serve different purposes.

Alternative Places To Hang Your Shower Caddie?

Humans are innovative and always find different versions of doing things when a particular way of doing things seems not to work.

Just like when they say there are many ways of killing a rat, the same applies to shower caddies.

Shower arms should hold if they are correctly attached, and you can test this by shaking the shower arm side to side, then up and down.

If it moves, it means the installation wasn’t done correctly, and you should not risk placing anything that will weigh it down.

Otherwise, you can quickly tell your shower caddie is putting a toll on the shower arm when it starts to slide down the shower arm.

Here are alternative ideas for hanging your shower caddy elsewhere in the shower rather than the showerhead;

Behind The Door

Shower caddies typically come bearing a hook that is used to hang the bathroom accessory. If you can attach a hook to the inner side of the bathroom door, then it would be a great place to keep the addition.

Plastic Shower Storage Shelves Designed For Corners

This storage shelf is self-sufficient as it does not need nails or screws to mount it up, but it is suction on the wall where it fits perfectly into the corners of the shower stall.

Screwing Or Mounting It On The Wall

There are metal storage shelves that are drilled into the shower walls instead of hanging like most.

The good thing with it is that it holds more and has a bar to dry your towels.

Hooking It On The Rim Of The Door

The door is always a good place or idea to hang the shower caddie. The good thing is that t over the door caddies have two hooks that go over the door to provide better stability.

This way, toiletries are out of the way but within reach.

Final Thoughts

It is good first to identify where you will hang your shower caddie before actually buying it. There are different caddies, and the kind of hooks it has determined where you will place them.

And as much as many may want to rubbish the idea of furnishing the bathroom shower with a shower caddie, these little fellas keep coming better and fancier. 

They do not occupy space, and they neither attract dirt, making them number one shower accessories.