Turn On Ceiling Fan Without Remote? (Solved!)

A ceiling fan is a common home appliance, and it is meant to cool the temperature of the room down.

You can use a ceiling fan without using a remote to control it. This means that you are not without options when it comes to controlling your ceiling fan.

In this article, we will be looking at how you, as a home user, can control your ceiling fan without a remote.

Here’s How You Can Turn On The Ceiling Fan Without a Remote:

You can turn on your ceiling fan without a remote using a pull cord or a wall switch. Remote is an optional means of controlling ceiling fans within the home. It is not the only means of control but the most favorable due to the convenience it provides and the ease you use in operating it.

How Can You Control Your Ceiling Fan Without A Remote?

Controlling your ceiling fan should not be a hassle, especially when at home.

Remote control offers a sense of ease and comfortability. You can move around with it; you can make use of it in the comfort of your bed or while working on your laptop. The ease that comes with the remote makes it a desirable means of controlling ceiling fans.

However, what happens when you can not find your remote, or it gets spoiled. Anything could have caused the absence of your remote control. Children might have broken it while playing, or you might have even sat on it unnoticed, damaging it in the process.

Now you are worried about controlling your fan. Calm your nerves; the situation is still within control.

There are other means of controlling your ceiling fan without the use of remote control. You can make use of:

  • A Pull cord
  • A Wall switch
  • A Third-party product
  • Your mobile phone

You have alternatives when you are unable to access your ceiling fan remote.

Other Options You Can Use To Turn On Your Ceiling Fan:

As stated above, there are other methods of controlling your ceiling fan without a remote. This section will take you through these methods, so you can be ready to implement them immediately.

These methods include:

  1. A Pull Cord

A pull cord is a long wire that dangles down the ceiling fan to a length where your hand can reach. You pull the cord to control the fan, either putting it on or switching it off. It is a relatively easy means of controlling ceiling fans.

One interesting thing about the pull cord is that you can also change the fan’s intensity and speed with it. So yeah, you won’t miss your remote.

It is usually attached to the power casing of the fan. In a case where the cord is not long enough, you can get an extension from a nearby hardware store and attach it to your cord, so it reaches your desired length.

Measure the length of the ceiling fan from your desired distance. It is this measured length that you should buy as an extension.

If the pull cord gets faulty and does not control your fan the way it should, you need to get a technician to change it.

Don’t attempt to change your pull cord all by yourself.

  1. A wall switch

As the name implies, a switch is a form of control that is simply placed by the wall and connected to the ceiling fan.

Every ceiling fan traditionally has a wall switch attached to it.

This switch is connected with the light switch as its power source. The wiring can be a little complicated compared to other means of controlling ceiling fans.

The original house wiring is done to connect the bulb hung on the ceiling with a bulb holder to its switch by the wall. You just need to tap into the already established connection and get electricity into the ceiling fan by adding a fan to the ceiling.

Remember, do not try to fix the wall switch yourself for your safety. Fixing it yourself might lead to faulty connections that might damage the fan and other appliances and even cause a fire. Call an electrician to fix it!

The wall switch has a dial you can turn to set the motion of the fan and to either increase or decrease the speed at which the fan is running.

If you notice any problem with the wall switch, contact a technician within your vicinity to check it out. Electrical works are best left to professionals to handle.

  1. A third-party product

Technological advancement has evolved electrical appliances and has made it possible to control ceiling fans with a third-party product.

A third-party product is a product that is associated with your fan but not directly developed by your fan-making company.

This device is connected to the ceiling fan via WiFi. This method might not work for all fans, but a few modern ones support such a function.

A smart hub is installed into the ceiling fan at the power casing area. Once installed, you can now control your fan from any distance within your home.

This method has some advanced settings where you can schedule time for the on and off of your ceiling fan and automate the whole process.

You can get these products on your next visit to the mall or a hardware store. Check through the fan section and pick the brand that best suits your taste. Enjoy a smart fan with a third-party product.

  1. Your mobile phone

Who would have thought years back that there would be a time when you could manage your home from your phone?

Your ceiling fan is a vital part of your home. You can connect your ceiling fan to your phone with several mobile apps.

Recent productions of ceiling fans now include the option of a mobile app that connects the fan to its user.

You do not need to keep stretching to reach the remote when you have your mobile phone.

Search through various online stores on your phone to download the app compatible with your fan.

If you are using an old fan, you should consider an upgrade. The world has moved forward, do not be left behind; roll with it.


You can enjoy your ceiling fan all year round, whether with a remote control or not.

The ceiling fan cools the room, helping you enjoy the weather better on low power consumption.

If you damage your remote or want a better option, you can explore other means. You can try a pull cord, get a third-party product or try a wall switch. Do what makes you comfortable.